about me

Name: Pencil Void
Gender: Disfunctional (any pronouns)
Occupation: SRB2


favourite music genres:

if you want to listen to me ramble about my interests please god hmu

i've been doing pixel art since 12 november 2016, and i think i've gotten pretty good. if you want any tips or need help with someone please feel free to ask me! my phrasing may be unclear but i'll do my best!

history of pencilvoid.neocities.org

this site was created on 22 june 2018. i don't remember what it looked like back then but it must have been very similar. i created this site because some books about web design piqued my interest and i've always had an interest in computers. i've still got a lot to learn but i'm somewhat satisfied with the site as it is right now.

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