About Me

I'm really just some guy. I want to avoid saying too much about myself so you can focus on my website. But, it's always good to insert some personality into your creations, and what better personality to insert than my own...

  • Name: Yona Eryth Hydra Pencilvoid the Pencilvoid DX Gold Edition Remastered
  • Location: internet
  • Occupation: internet
  • School: internet


  • Sonic the Hedgehog (series)
  • Pixel art
  • Low-poly/Sega Saturn aesthetics
  • Minecraft, both generally and specifically modding/resource pack development
  • Battle for Dream Island
  • Programming & game development
  • Tons of other stuff that escapes my mind


History of pencilvoid.neocities.org

This site was first uploaded on 22 June 2018. I don't remember what it looked like back then but it probably wasn't very similar to how it looks now. Please don't try and find out what it used to look like I am very embarrased by my old work. I created this site because some books about web design piqued my interest, and I've always had an interest in computers. I've still got a lot to learn but I'm somewhat satisfied with the site as it is right now. My ambitious ideas for what this site could be keep me learning and growing.

Quiz stuff

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Comprehensive guide to stalking me

I'm open to make new friends. Just contact me if you wanna greet me or have anything to say.

I've been doing pixel art for over seven years (since 12 November 2016 (don't ask why I keep a precise date)), and I think I've gotten somewhat good at it. I'm always willing to help people with anything. Feel free to ask me any questions about things like pixel art or web development.

Creative work


You might be able to find me elsewhere, possibly under another name. Just ask me directly.