Universe Guide (WIP)

How Stuff Works

Characters in this universe may be either magic users (musers) or non-magic users (non-musers). The majority of people in this universe are magic users. Each person's magic is based around an element, idea, phenomenon, or concept, i.e. electricity, weather, chemicals, lava. Magic is fueled by adrenaline, which is regained in the same way it is in non-magic users. Magic uesrs can also use glucose for powering magic.

Death exists in this universe. However, death can be reversed by the use of recovery. Recovery allows a dead person to be voluntarily revived at little cost, but a dead person cannot recover themselves, they must be recovered by someone else. Recovery clears a person of all status effects, both positive and negative. For example, killing someone with a cold and recovering them would free them of the cold. A person who has been recovered retains all their memories, including memories of dying. It is important to note that recovery does not reset a person's age, meaning that both musers and non-musers are still mortal, as someone who has just died of old age would die again soon after being recovered.


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Locations (WIP)

Frigid Isles Zone

Frigid Isles is an area located quite a way up the northern hemisphere, thus making it a cold area. The majority of it lies in the coast, making it a common vacation area. Despite this, Frigid Isles is not very populated. The area is laced with blue pipes which seem to be transporting water to an unknown location. The ground is composed of peach-coloured squares of varying size and the grass varies between green and purple. Underground, the rock takes on a purple hue, sometimes changing pattern as it has been crushed. The horizon line emits an aqua green light which colours the clouds, and the area is covered in a thin cyan fog.

Pillar Peak Zone

Pillar Peak is a series of rock pillars floating in the sky, held there by an unknown force. The ground is mostly cyan and blue but has purple patches. The area floats above the clouds, which mountains sometimes poke through. Between pillars a blue electricity-like force can be seen, drilling into the dirt. The area is much more populated than Frigid Isles, and has many shopping centres and housing areas.