Universe Guide (WIP)

How Stuff Works

Characters in this universe may be either magic users or non-magic users. The majority of people in this universe are magic users. Each person's magic is based around an element, idea, phenomenon, or concept, i.e. electricity, weather, chemicals, lava. Magic is fueled by adrenaline, which is regained in the same way it is in non-magic users. Magic uesrs can also use glucose for powering magic.


note: i plan to include portraits of all the characters. so far i have done 3 out of 9


Zerda is a hyperactive fennec fox who has a distinct lack of arms. They can use magic to simulate them, however. Their magic is based around electricity, being able to create electric currents and manipulate existing ones. They wear a red cloak and have an antenna with an aqua-green gem on the end of it. They live in the Frigid Isles area but often visit Pillar Peaks with Miranmar. They are the youngest of the three.


Miranmar (Miran for short) is a grey rabbit with floppy ears whose personality contrasts heavily with Zerda; she is much more relaxed and laidback. She enjoys spending time with Zerda, and Zerda enjoys spending time with her. She has an abode in Pillar Peaks but she prefers visiting Zerda's place most of the time. When she goes out and about with Zerda they usually visit the town centre to shop or hang out. It is unknown where she gets her money from. She also has access to magic, her powers revolving around weather instead of electricity. She doesn't use them often, though.


Afine is a sheep with pastel pink and blue wool. Despite his vibrant appearance he is quite reserved and edgy. He doesn't spend much time with the other two, he prefers being by himself. He is sometimes mistaken for a girl due to his somewhat feminine appearance, which annoys him greatly. He is not able to use magic but is an excellent melee fighter, his weapon of choice being a stop sign. He is the oldest of the three.


Musty is a cat with peach-coloured fur and an orange patch on his left eye. He is very mischevious and often gets into fights with Zerda, which are usually broken up by Miran. He wears nothing but a striped party hat. Not much is known about his past.


Carmine is a cat with grey fur, black stripes, and pink hair. She has access to magic, and her powers are based around chemicals, being able to create a variety of potions with outlandish effects from thin air. She is quite two-faced, being very smug and condescending but showing a cute and lovable personality to the public. She is very popular on social media. She gets along with Zerda and their friends... sometimes.


Jardin is a rabbit with green fur who wears a brown cloak with a pink bow on it. He is very shy, and finds making new friends difficult; he prefers spending time with those he already trusts. He dislikes going out and about alone, and is accompanied by Soleil a lot. He has many siblings, but their whereabouts are unknown. He possesses magic skills centred around flora, being able to manipulate grass and plants.


Soleil is a sheep with bright orange-yellow wool and dark blue trainers. She's very dynamic and moves around a lot, and she normally brings Jardin along with her for her adventures. She has fire magic and can cast flames. She doesn't use magic often though, she prefers attacking with kicks and punches instead.


Kaskade is a fennec fox with light blue fur and a reddish-pink robe. She is very quiet but is not pushed around easily and always willing to fight back if need be. She doesn't talk often, usually letting others do the talking for her. Her magic is themed around vapour, being able to manipulate clouds. She can float on these clouds, meaning she normally floats around on a cloud instead of walking. She also has the ability to run on water, but she falls into it if she walks too slowly.

Locations (WIP)

Frigid Isles Zone

Frigid Isles is an area located quite a way up the northern hemisphere, thus making it a cold area. The majority of it lies in the coast, making it a common vacation area. Despite this, Frigid Isles is not very populated. The area is laced with blue pipes which seem to be transporting water to an unknown location. The ground is composed of peach-coloured squares of varying size and the grass varies between green and purple. Underground, the rock takes on a purple hue, sometimes changing pattern as it has been crushed. The horizon line emits an aqua green light which colours the clouds, and the area is covered in a thin cyan fog.

Pillar Peak Zone

Pillar Peak is a series of rock pillars floating in the sky, held there by an unknown force. The ground is mostly cyan and blue but has purple patches. The area floats above the clouds, which mountains sometimes poke through. Between pillars a blue electricity-like force can be seen, drilling into the dirt. The area is much more populated than Frigid Isles, and has many shopping centres and housing areas.