"i can't drown my demons, they're bodacious surfer dudes"

welcome to my index page. this website has existed for over 2 years and for not a second of that time have i known what to put here. feel free to take a look around the website!


YOYLECAKE ยท Even After

who are you

my name is pencil (or hydra, whichever you prefer) and i'm a person. i do stuff. i'm a big nerd

what is this place

i'm not sure what i want this place to be but i think it'll have some stuff about me and some things i've made. maybe i'll put art and stuff here. make myself a little portfolio. yes

what stuff do you make

oh i make srb2 mods and pixel art, i wanna learn how to make video games and 3d models

what do you use to make the things

for arts i use and realworld paint, for srb2 mods i use, notepad++, slade, and zone builder

ok cool thank you for answering my questions

you're welcome :)

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