Home of the world's least serious pixel artist, professional doomscroller, actual fennec fox AND plant creature in real life-- it's pencilvoid. Take a look around, get comfy.


What are you?

My name is Hydra (or Pencil (or Eryth), whichever you prefer) and I'm a person. I do stuff. I'm a big nerd

What is this place?

This page, and the pages attached to it, are a personal project and a reflection of my own will. This is the result of my past being's ultimate will, desire, and ability, bestowed unto me and to be bestowed unto whatever iteration of me may exist in the misty realm we call the future. This place was, is, and will always be a reflection of many form of being, past, present, and future, brought to life by the good people at Neocities, giving me the means to give my creation form in the digital world. This page is a brew of DNA both original and stolen, all I have to show for hours upon hours of banging my figurative head against the figurative wall. This is it. A constantly evolving end.

What stuff do you make?

I make pixel art and mod games. I also know html and css, and I have limited knowledge of 3d modelling and game design

What do you use to make the things?

For art I use and Realworld Paint if I need to. I also know how to work with SLADE and Blockbench.

ok cool thank you for answering my questions

you're welcome :)

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THE END... so far