Internet home of the world's best worst pixel artist and actual coniferous plant creature in real life- it's pencilvoid. Take a look around, get comfy.


What are you?

I am a PencilVoid. Possibly the only one.

What is this place?

In short, a personal project that I became unexpectedly invested in. I've used this to learn basic web development and computer skills in general. It's been fun so far.

What stuff do you make?

My most developed skill is pixel art. I also know HTML and CSS (evidently), and I have limited but growing knowledge of storytelling, 3D modelling and game design/development.

What do you use to make the things?

For pixel art I use, and Realworld Paint if I need to. I also know how to work with SLADE and Blockbench.

Obligatory credits section?

This place is currently hosted by Neocities, a project similar to Geocities which allows users to create and host web pages for free. The code that wasn't written in Neocities' own code editor was written in Notepad++, which I have incorporated into my workflow using deploy-to-neocities. HTML and CSS knowledge was provided by MDN Web Docs and W3Schools. Under the terms of the Open Font License this website uses Inconsolata for headings and Overpass for body text. All art and other creative content featured on this website, unless stated otherwise, were created by me. If you're interested in picking apart my code and using it for your own purposes, you can view the source code on Github.

Don't forget, you can use the sidebar to hop between directories. Exploring is encouraged.

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THE END... so far