The site

This site was first uploaded to Neocities on 22 June 2018. It looked very different back then. Over time it has grown and developed clear design goals:

  • Be lightweight. The site is primarily text content. Use vector assets or CSS where possible; raster graphics should be relatively low resolution with relatively low colour count.
  • Be straightforward. Convey information with brevity and clarity, minimise unnnecessary and extraneous details.
  • Be stylish. Aesthetics should not be forgone entirely.
  • Be accessible. The site should be approachable by anyone and everyone.

I like to think I've worked towards these goals well. The site will host a wide range of content: pixel art, writing, code, games, etc. It is a central hub for all my creative work.

If you are interested in borrowing code or assets from this site, check out the licensing information on GitHub.


I do a lot of creative work in my spare time. I like learning new skills and I like improving through the process of iteration. I tend to gravitate towards creative work that is conducive to iteration for that reason; namely pixel art and programming.

Some of my other interests include retro computing, late 90s/early 2000s-style video games, tracker music, biology, botany and horticulture, and game development.

For your interest, I've made a short list of some of my favourite things:

"PencilVoid" is not my name (it is my username) but it works fine enough if you need a noun to refer to me by. Contractions are also fine; people usually go for "Pencil", "Void", or "PV".

Funny quiz stuff

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Other places

I'm open to make new friends. Just contact me if you wanna greet me or have anything to say.

I've been doing pixel art for over seven years (since 12 November 2016 (don't ask why I keep a precise date)), and I think I've gotten somewhat good at it. I'm always willing to help people with anything. Feel free to ask me any questions about things like pixel art or web development.

Creative work


You might be able to find me elsewhere, possibly under another name. Just ask me directly.

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