the Esoterrarium

You feel confused. You've found yourself in a strange, new place. There's green stuff everywhere and it's weirdly bright. You rub the crust off your eyes and rise to your feet.

Squinting, you calibrate yourself and begin to get an idea of your surroundings. It seems you've made your way to a huge... garden? Botanical reserve? Some random forest??? There's a strange semblence of human architecture, but it's clear to you the flora and fauna own this realm. As you make your way through the land, you feel something connecting to you.

Or was it speaking to you? Regardless, it's making something known to you. Slowly, you get an idea that there's something here with you. Something like a gateway, or a portal. And it brought friends. When you stand over them and peer down into them you see nothing your visual recognition can parse, but the idea of the place it leads to floods your mind. Highly unsettling, but intriguing. Maybe you can use these to explore this place a little further?


Ultimate Free Stuff Compendium — Growing list of software and other products available for free.

Video game screenshots — Various screenshots I take in video games I play. I fancy myself as a bit of a photographer.

Style guide — Previously unwritten guidelines I follow when creating and styling pages for this website.

Music I like — A random assortment of arrangements of sounds which are effecient at stimulating my brain to release certain hormones and neuronal signals.

Interesting Wikipedia pages — Wikipedia pages I find interesting or humourous, and may re-read in my spare time.

DISCLAIMER: Hyperlink stability is not guaranteed. Hyperlinks may lead to incomplete worlds or the void. Possible side effects of hyperlink usage and n-subdirectory hopping may include: fever, sore throat, severe psychological harm, dismemberment, understanding of the true meaning of life, wasting of time. Contact your local webmaster regarding any concerns.