Wow, I can draw. Amazing. It's mostly pixel art. I've been doing pixel art for a while now and I'm fairly okay at it. I pretty much only ever draw for fun so it's mostly character art featuring my OCs (no write-ups on any of them, learn about them by playing the games they will eventually be in) and other people's characters occasionally. I'm best at drawing anthropomorphic animals for some reason; I can count the amount of humans I've drawn on one hand. I do have some characters that aren't Funny Animals though. There's also occasional vector art and graphic design work.

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Extraneous information

Most of the time I draw in Paint.NET. It is essentially a souped-up version of Microsoft Paint. It's not made for pixel art but it works for me. I also use Aseprite occasionally. It has some invaluable features that make pixel art a lot easier.

For vector art I use Inkscape. It is open source and rivals professional-grade software in feature richness and utility. It has a bit of a learning curve but that goes for vector art in general.

For 3D modelling work I normally use Blockbench. It is primarily designed for Minecraft but it works for general 3D modelling as well.


All art featured in Photosystems is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 .