Art Fight 2023

19 June 2023, 12:32 (GMT Summer Time) - written by PencilVoid
Tags: personal

I will probably most likely be participating in Art Fight this year!

That's basically all I have to say. I've wanted to participate in Art Fight for years but I've always been stopped by real life obligations and/or self-doubt. Neither of those have subsided this year but I've been waiting for ages so I'll participate anyways. It's actually kinda difficult for me to promise myself to do things like this because I'm terrible at planning ahead. If I want to do something I have to do it right away or I'll either forget or lose the will to do it. But I figured maybe my strong overcompetitiveness could win over my strong impulsiveness. Who knows? That's the fun of blindly throwing yourself into new things!

If you're reading this and you also plan to participate please let me know so I can attack you. In the competition, that is. I want to get more comfortable drawing other people's characters and I figure this way would be fun for both of us. I specialise in Funny Animals.